'Healthy people, brighter future'

Elise Pharmaceuticals (Elise Pharma) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Fortune Five Hundred Investment Group Limited that was incorporated on the 13th of October 2014. The company plans to be operational by the first quarter of 2016.

The company was started and is fully owned by a group of medical practitioners, pharmacists and dentists in Kenya. The board of Elise Pharmaceuticals consists of a dynamic and vibrant team of five pharmacists, one dentist, one orthopedic surgeon and one medical officer. The diversity of the team gives a unique aspect in the running of the company.

Elise Pharmaceuticals offers a fresh outlook on pharmaceutical services and is an emerging regional leader. We strive to offer quality, affordable and accessible health care services to our clients.

Our company’s philosophy is divided into two:

  • Provision of quality and cost effective medicines and medical devices to its clients
  • Provision of clinical services in the ward and through specialist follow up clinics (e.g. anti-coagulation clinics, diabetes clinic) run by highly motivated pharmacists who liaise with clinicians for optimal patient care.

We commit ourselves to challenging and bridging the gap to meet the pharmaceutical, medical and social needs of our clients