Board of Directors

The board was constituted on March 15th, 2014 during the 2rd AGM and is composed of: – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and 4 members. The board meets regularly every 2nd Sunday of the second month to provide oversight and leadership on the direction of F500

  • The Board is Legally responsible for all aspects of Policy, Management and operations of the Company
  • The Board accounts to the Shareholders at the AGMs, SGMs and through Independent Audit Reports—
  • The Auditor is appointed at every AGM by the Shareholders
  • The Board is legally expected to put in place measures to acquire, protect and safeguard Company Assets and grow Shareholder wealth

F500 Board

Dr. James Soki Mokua

Board Member

F500 Founder Member No. F5088 and a holder of Founding shares. Graduate of UON with MBChB (Medicine) in 2009, Medical Audit Co-Ordinator Aga Khan University Hospital 2015. Active in the practice of Generel Medicine at Aga Khan University Hospital.

A doctor who values good networking and negotiating skills and encourages doctors to join F500/FHC


Dr Neford Ongaro

Chairman of the Board

F500 Founder Member No. 1 and a holder of Founding shares. Graduate of UON with MBChB (Medicine) in 1997, Master of Medicine in Surgery in 2005, Diplomate College of Medicine of South Africa (Orthopaedic Surgery) 2007. Active in the practice of Orthopaedic surgery at MTRH, FHC, and Oasis specialist Hospital in Kisii.

As Chairman of F500 he relentlessly guides the Board to focus its investment in group practice business model as a F500 ltd flagship project that will leverage value chain control in healthcare.


Dr Andrew Njuguna

Vice Chairman of the Board

F500 Founder Member No. 2 and a holder of F500 Founder shares. A holder of bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). Dr Andrew Njuguna shares a passion for interdisciplinary medical group practice and leads Dentists in joining hands with Medical practitioners and pharmacists under a one roof effect business model.

He is relentless in supporting the F500 cause.


Dr Mary Wanjiku Njoroge

Treasurer to the Board

F500 Founder Member No. 4 and a holder of F500 Foundershares. A graduate of University of Nairobi with MBChB (Medicine). Currently working as a general practitioner at Pumwani Maternity hospital-Nairobi.

Mary shares committed passion for medical group practice, for doctors who are seeking financial freed and quality healthcare.


Dr George Akuno Got

Secretary to the Board

Founder Member No. 112. Pursuing Masters of Medicine in Surgery (ENT), Aspiring to set up a leading ENT surgery practice in Bungoma under the burner of Fountain Healthcare (FHC), a subsidiary of F500


Dr Andrew Wandera

Board Member

Founder Member No. F082. Holder of MBChB Moi University (1999); MMed Surgery; University of Nairobi (2009). A recognized Gastrointesinal surgeon. Very enthusiastic about the success of F500/FHC.

In particular he could like to oversee a network of simple FHC hospitals where doctors are happy to work, invest in and change the way healthcare services are provided in Kenya


Dr Richard Mogeni

Board Member

Founder Member No. 015. Holder of MBChB; Moi University. Pursuing MMed Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Moi University. Very passionate about general welfare of doctors of Kenya and improve quality of care for patients; as well healthcare workers.

He bring a unique interest to F500 to oversee development of superior Human capital structures and satisfaction for all F500 employees and members


Dr Christine Sagini

Board Member

Founder Member F059 Within F500 she founded Elise Pharmaceutical that targets the drug industry and market that is of major interest of F500. She is a holder of MBChB, University of Nairobi (2008); and MPH, Copenhagen.

A champion of good public healthcare systems destined to rise to the pinnacle of Kenya Healthcare leadership and change


Dr Debra Kenyanya

Board Member

A pharmacist by Training and work at National Spinal injury hospital. Founder member No. F071 and champion of ELISE within the F500 Board.

She beliefs that F500 through ELISE, we can have major paradigm shifting Pharmaceutical industry in Kenya.